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updated: December, 10th 2013
"Rechazo - contrainformacion CD-R"
(Cat.Nr. Wing012004)

originally released back in 2002 by the band itself (DIY) and 2004 as a limited to 50 copies license release on CrowMusicAustria. contains 17 songs of fast, dirty and anarchistic Hardcore/Punk. on PRO-burned blue discs. issued with a printed booklet (16 pages)
>still available<

"Firebirdgass - punk rises from the pigpen 12"MLP" (Japan)
(Cat.Nr. Wing022009)

originally released as a CD only in Japan by BTGY, back in 2006 and 2010 as a limited to 532 copies vinyl pressing, under license from Firebirdgass/BTGY. there are approx. 120 copies on clear red wax and 412 copies on black wax. all 12" issued with an 2sided full size insert and a sticker. the "red wax" edition comes add. with a silkscreen printed patch and is only available thru CrowMusicAustria (Mailorder).
so far, you´ll get 6 blasting "stalinlike" hardcore tunes, which will blow you away!
>still available<

"Bastardos Sin Nombre - Discography LP" (Colombia)
(Cat.Nr. Wing032013) 

crude, aggressive, pure and fast colombian hardcore punk! comes with massve inserts and foldout insert. complete discography with 32 songs. limited to 500 copies only!
>still available<

"Krujido - corazones con la sangre envenenada LP" (Colombia)(Cat.Nr. Wing042013)
in cooperation with the french label Ruido Total Records, Sin Temores (USA) and No! Records, this peace of street punk thrash out of Medellin has been released with a pressing quantity of 500 copies.
Excellent artwork and killer sound!

>still available<

SEPTICEMIA - full lenght LP (Colombia) - delayed!

we just fixed the deal to release:
- living today MLP (Japan) - March/April 2013 - delayed!
(check the "link page")